No Stitching Shrug/Poncho


Introduction: No Stitching Shrug/Poncho

My mother gave me a shawl on my wedding which was ruined by me by drying it in dryer on high heat with other clothes.have kept it to do something innovative.This is what i come up with-a non stitched poncho. Non stitched because i do not have a sewing machine.

I did a little embroidery in the back to hide shrinkage. Also i have planned to make a new one for summers . You can make it with or without embroidery , all you need to do is to tie excess fabric lying in back by simply attaching a buckle or belt.

Step 1: Take Measurement

For measurement i used my old jacket

  • Place jacket flat on the table
  • Fold it in half
  • take measurement of chest,shoulder and vertical distance between shoulder and chest as shown in the picture.
  • I added 4 inch for the looseness to the measurement

Step 2: Cut the Fabric

  • Place shawl flat
  • Fold it into half
  • I left above 5 inch for free fall as shown in pic-1
  • In Pic-2 I have marked the point 'A' from where I have to start shoulder measurement.
  • In Pic-3 I marked vertical distance from shoulder to chest measurement as 'B'
  • In Pic-4 Chest measurement is marked as 'C'
  • In pic-5 Point 'A' to point 'D' is measurement of shoulder.
  • In Pic-6 Point 'E' is marked as shoulder down measurement. i.e. 1 inch. Reason:Our shoulder is down feom our neck
  • In Pic-7 i used a quarter plate to draw a circle for sleeve holes as it was accurate in size.
  • Pic-8 Circle is drawn
  • Pic-9 Cut circular part for sleeves
  • Pic-10 is after opening fold this is how it will look

Plz remember i have added 4inch as looseness to the fabric

Step 3: Herring Bone Embroidery

In 10 pics i have tried to show the embroidery also notes are written side by side in the pic for better understanding.

First i draw a herring bone pattern on a sheet then traced it on the fabric. Hope it will be clear

Step 4: End Result

Here is the outcome and i really loved it....Best thing is that i can still use my mom's gift.

If you do not need any embroidery in the back then u can simply attach a broach on the back or any belt to tie excess fabric in the back to give more fitting look.

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