No-Stoop Cat Litter Box




Tired on getting on your knees 2x a day cleaning the cat box? If your house is suitable, it's easy to free yourself from this indignity. Many houses have a step or two down from the house to the garage. I used this to advantage to mount an enclosure to the garage wall at 'house level' and with a door on the enclosure, I can now clean the box without crawling on the floor. Luckily, there was a suitable place to install a cat door from the house into the litter box enclosure. In my case, it was from our laundry room but anyplace you can put a cat door that allows the enclosure to be out of the way in the garage will work. If your house is suitable, your back will love this Instructable!

Step 1:

Here's the enclosure in the garage. It is against the wall that abuts our laundry room, but anyplace that allows a cat door into the house in a location where the enclosure will not be in the way in the garage will work. I built the box out of 3/4" plywood and cut six vent holes covered in the inside with 1/4" hardware cloth to keep the cat from getting it's head stuck in the holes! I built the box large enough to fit the litter tray with a few inches clearance on each side. Size it to whatever litter tray you have. The block of wood on the wall provides a stop for the door when open.

Step 2:

Here you see the two steps down into our garage that puts the enclosure at a more comfortable level to clean it. The bottom of the box is 8" above the house floor level. The cat just has the step up into his cat door to access the enclosure.

Step 3:

Here you see the cat door 8" above the floor.

Step 4:

Here's the enclosure open. The scoop hangs handy on a hook. I cut a piece of thin carpet for the floor that makes keeping the inside clean very easy. Yes, the cat will sling litter all over! Now you don't have to get on your knees to clean the box and the smell stays out of the house!



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6 Discussions


2 years ago

This is actually super genius. I so wish we had a wall to our garage that worked for this project!


2 years ago

Great idea I've been trying to think of different ways to deal with this smelly chore. I have multiple cats and two jumbo litter pans. Thanks


5 years ago on Introduction

This picture reminded me I need to clean the cat door again!

Michael C

5 years ago

Not a bad idea. Thanks for posting.