No Tools No Clear Coat Headlights and Paint Repair Permanently




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The headlight is very important for safety

Cleaning them is a priority

In this instructable you can see how you can repair your headlights without any tools

You can also see how to make car paint restoration

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Step 1: Headlights

We will start using water and 600grit sandpaper.
This is the first , the longest and the most important step.

The final result depend more than 80% on this first step.

Use the sandpaper until the surface of the headlight is matte.

The longer you use the sandpaper the better result you get.

Clean the headlight with water before you begin inspecting the progress.

Some marks will remain if the headlight is very affected.

I made this instructable for the people that do not afford to go to service or there is no service in their region.

This is not a professional repair, but the result is good.

We will continue with 1000grit sandpaper.

I recomend using new sandpaper piece everytime.

You do not need to remove the headlight from the car to repait it.

Try to use the sandpaper as long as you can.

You get better result at the end if you use the sadpaper as much as you can.

Continue with 2000grit sandpaper.

For the next step use 3000grit sandpaper.

For a good final result use 6000grit disk or sandpaper.

Use polish compound for the final step.

You can use any medium to fine grit polishing compound

Apply the polish with a microfiber cloth or a sponge

For a better result you can use a cloth polish pad

The result is ok without the cloth polish pad if you did the other steps good

I aded some carnauba wax for protection and extra shine

Step 2: How to Repair Matte Paint on Car

This is not a professional repair either

But the result may be spectacular

You can use any medium to fine grit polishing compound

If you will not use electric tools be ready for some hours of work

But the final result is worth the effort.

After you use the polishing compound i recomend you add some carnauba wax for protection and extra shine

You can apply polishing compound with microfiber cloth

Avoid touching the rubber parts of the car with the polishing compound

The best method is by using a polishing machine

This way the labour time will be short.

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    5 Discussions


    1 year ago

    I would really recommend against just sanding these days. It hazes back up way too quick. Even though it's a hassle, applying a clear coat makes it last much longer (as in years longer). Just sanding you have to do it pretty much every year to maintain it in good condition.

    1 reply

    Reply 1 year ago

    Yes, the proper clearcoat will help the repair last longer but a good clearcoat is expensive, not every clearcoat can be applied because it will have the same effect, it hazes faster and after that another repair is not easy.


    1 year ago

    toothpaste works well on any plastic haze. keep it wet.


    Reply 1 year ago

    It works 100%, first step is the most important, use the sandpaper as long as you can, and lots of water.