No Camera? No Problem!

Introduction: No Camera? No Problem!

About: My full time job as an Organ Grinder keeps me pretty busy but that's just small change. My part time work, as a Mohel, keeps me up to date on my student loans from UCLSD.

I refuse to hear "I don't have a camera". Neither do I and Jesus hates a quitter!   My last instructables are photos sent via mms to Flickr (see my "texting to the internet" instructable) or........

Step 1: Google

Well, Google images anyways.

Step 2: Right-click & Save

Actually, I click on the image to get the biggest size. Then, I right click and save.

Step 3: Get Off Your Rump!

Seriously! If you have never posted you can get free swag! FREE..... Don't you know free is everybody's favorite 4-letter 'F' word!   C'mon people............

Step 4: Legal?

No entiendes?  (just kidding)  From my understanding, as long as you are not making any money, you can use Google images all day. One thing for sure, as soon as I post this I will no for sure!



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    Use your own photos wherever possible. If you're concerned about the legality of using images you've found via Image Search, try to use creative commons images. is a good starting point.

    If you're set on using Google to find your photos, use the Advanced Image Search page and ensure that you're using images licensed for whichever flavor of reuse you intend.

    If u use google.. And some one doesnt legally own it isnt it claimable...?

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    Kiteman knos his stuff but nice instructable!!

    "From my understanding, as long as you are not making any money, you can use Google images all day."


    As long as you have permission from the owner of the images, you can use images you have searched for online.

    Sometimes the permission is implicit, because you have found the image on a site described as "license free" (not "royalty free" - you still need permission for those, but you don't have to pay).

    Sometimes the permission is explicit - the owner has given you personally permission to use the images.

    Sometimes the permission is unnecessary because the image's owner has been dead for at least 70 years.

    Sometimes the permission is waived through the concept of "fair use" - if you are using the image, say, in an article about the image (typically, a photo of a book-cover, or a still from a film).

    Whatever the route, permission is required.

    The reason you hear very, very few cases of people getting in trouble for using images is three-fold;

    > images do not generate as great a revenue-stream as music or movies. The effort required to take action usually does not get balanced by the financial compensation gained.

    > the internet is a big place, and action must be taken by an image's owner, not by a third party concerned with Doing Right. If the owner does not find the image being misused, you will usually get away with it.

    > images are hard to search - as soon as a user changes the tags, then an image ends up under completely different search results than the original. Music and movies get relevant tags, no matter who uploads them, and text is its own tag, as far as search engines go.

    Note the site's ToS - you are responsible for the legality of the content you post, and if the owners of the images you have used here were to find out, and make a specific request to the site, you would at least get this project deleted, and could have your account revoked.

    Potentially, the site could be required to hand over all contact details they have for you, to allow the relevant authorities to pursue a prosecution under relevant national and international laws.