No-hassle Boiled Rice




Think it's complex and messy to cook perfect rice? Think again.

With this method you stick rice and water together, set a timer and come back to perfect, fluffy rice every time. No scales or draining involved.


Step 1: Measure Up Rice

The trick here is finding a container that holds exactly the quantity of rice you need. The first time you follow this method, you might need to weigh how much rice your cup or glass holds.

This mug holds 200g which is enough for four persons.

Step 2: Put Rice in Pot

Optional: you can slightly toast the rice in the pot before adding the water.

Step 3: Measure Up Water

You will need three and a half times the volume of rice. In this case, three and a half cups of water.

Step 4: Pour Water on Rice

Remember: water needs to be three and a half times the volume of rice.

Step 5: Cover and Cook for Thirty Minutes

Important: make sure the lid fits nicely. You want all the steam to remain in the pot and be absorbed by the rice.

A medium heat will do. Again, you don't want it so high that the lid lifts and steam gets out.

Cooking times may vary. These instructions are for not-parboiled brown Basmati rice that stays a bit crunchy. Your taste and/or type of rice may differ, and the only way to find out is checking the rice every now and then the first time you cook it, and making a note of the time it takes to be just how you like it.

Step 6: Check the Rice

Uncover and check if the rice has absorbed all the water. If it has not, cook it a bit longer (and make a note for future reference of how long it takes).

Step 7: Done


Step 8: Boil Water

Use a kettle if you have one. Or boil the water on its own in the pot, then add the rice to it.



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    9 Discussions


    9 years ago on Introduction

    No need to measure the water.  Just add water until it covers the rice and reaches the first joint of your index finger.  You might want to rinse your rice with cold water until the water is clear and not milky looking.  This will result in fluffy rice that is not a sticky gooey mess.  Also let your rice cool for a few minutes before fluffing it with a fork.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    Depends on the dish really. What I found hard was to figure out how to make my rice nice and sticky and not just...well, cooked rice. Pour (2) cups water to (1) cup white rice in your medium sauce pan. Cover and heat to boiling, then reduce heat. Don't stir, keep lid on and let the water boil off. When it starts looking void of water, give it a stir. There'll more than likely be a nice layer stuck to the bottom. If so, remove from heat and keep covered for a while longer.

    1 reply

    11 years ago on Introduction

    Nice instrucable. Different rices (short, med, long grain, brown/white) all take different lengths of time to cook as well as different amounts of liquid. The most difficult concept to grasp, however, is that the formula for one quantity cannot be simply doubled to get twice the yield. There is a base volume to get rice started (say 1.5 to 1) then a maintenance volume (say 1 to 1) for additional rice. The easiest way not to screw-up a perfectly good pot of rice is to get the water up to a bubble (slow boil) then back off of the heat to the lowest setting (gas or electric). This will effectively maintain enough heat to steam the rice in spite of the fact that it is submersed in liquid. For the most even heat place rice in the oven after it has reached a slow boil. With enough practice you can simply eyeball the amount of liquid needed. Liquid to cover plus a depth of tip of finger to first knuckle works for some. I think there is a National Rice Institute or something that has loads of useful rice-related information. If you find it you may win the prize for 100th hit if you hit refresh a couple of times.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    What i usually do, is put two cup of water, wich i boil, then put two cup of rice and put them in it. i cover it, then i go watch teh tv for 10 minutes, afters, the rice is cooked!


    11 years ago on Introduction

    I know, I know. Boil-in-the-bag rice rules! The whole story is my boyfriend bought 2 kilos of brown Basmati rice a year ago. It takes ages to cook, hence the method to minimise work ;-)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    This is brown Basmati rice. I probably should have said it at the beginning, I only mentioned it on step 5.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    You're using short grain brown rice?
    I always go for basmati myself (but I cook it like this).


    I hadn't previously heard of the RVT, interesting.