No Makeup Brush Challenge

Introduction: No Makeup Brush Challenge

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I decided to do a challenge!!

The challenge was to do your makeup without using brushed. This turned out better then i expected. Let me know how you get on.

1. I started this look by priming my face using the Rimmel stay matt primer

2. Using the Rimmel match perfection foundation and pat this into my face using my fingers.

3. I then wipe all the left over foundation off my fingers making sure they are dry before the next step. I also keep doing this threw out.

4. Then using the maybeline fit me concealer i highlight my face then blending this is with my fingers. I then also using my fingers i used laura mercier to set this.

5. Next using the BH cosmetics special occasion palette i used the brown tone to contour my face, i done this by using a finger and firstly rubbing it over the contour area's then blending out with my fingers. I then picked a pink tone blush and patted this onto my cheeks then blended this in also.

6. For eyes only using my fingers i added a skin tone brown onto my lids and blended out into the crease. Then using a darker brown i blended this into the crease and under my eye. Then with my little finger i blending a dark brown into the corner of my eye. I then dotted a white shade into the tear duct

7. i then added mascara mascara and my favorite lipstick to this look.

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