No Weight, No Equiptment, No Problem, We Can Still Workout!!




Regular exercise can prevent weight gain, weight loss and other illnesses that comes our way. Exercise is also a way to increase productivity and energy, while giving you an outlet to release of some unwanted steam.

As we all know, gym memberships can be costly, so here are a few good exercises you can do at home with no extra equipment (besides comfortable clothes and a little space)

Remember safety first, be sure to work within your limits and always take the right precautions before any exercise.

Step 1: (stretch Exercise) Hamstring Muscle Group. Bend at the Waist and Attempt to Touch Your Toes, Hold This for 10 Seconds and Repeat Again.

Step 2: Quadricep Strech Quadriceps Muscle Group. Bend Your Left Leg, Bringing Your Heel Toward Your Butt, and Grab Your Left Foot With Your Right Hand.

Step 3: Back and Abdominal Stretch. Abdominal Muscle Group. Lie Face Down on the Ground and Slowly Raise Your Upper Body to a Comfortable Position

Step 4: Squats Quadriceps Quadriceps Muscle Group. Stand Width Your Feet Shoulder Apart and Bend Your Knees, Pushing Your Butt and Your Hips Out

Step 5: Lunges Place Your Feet Shoulder Width Apart and Step Forward With Your Right Foot, Bending Your Knee Forward Not Extending It Beyond Your Toes, Pause for a Second and Come Back to the Shoulder Width Apart, Alternate Legs.

Step 6: Crunches (crunches) Lay Down on Your Back With Your Knees Bent and Feet on the Ground (start Position). Lift Your Head and Chest Off the Ground Toward Your Knees and Return Back to the Start Position.

Step 7: Planks Position Yourself Like You Doing Pushups, Only With Your Elbows on the Ground Instead of Your Hands

Step 8: Pushups Position Yourself Face Down on the Floor, Hands Shoulders Width Apart, and Your Toes Are on the Floor.

Step 9: 6 Count Body Builders

Step 10: Cool Down Stretches and Controlled Breathing



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    2 Discussions


    2 years ago

    Well done instructable.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Great ideas! I love these kinds of things living on a student's budget like I do.