No Weld Steampunk Knife

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This is simple and awesome. I made a sword as an awesome steampunk practice weapon and now I'm going to make a knife.
Copper pipe (any length, any width)
Gorilla Glue
accesories (aka garage sale free box crap)
copper pipe cutter


Step 1: Cut the Pipe

I think the title of this step is pretty self explanatory, but cut the pipe to desired length with a pipe cutter.

Step 2: Accesories

Make  the end attachments. I used some stuff from a hardware store, a nut, and a hose end from a garage sale. Attach pieces with Gorilla Glue and clamp until dry.

Step 3: Put It All Together

attach your accesories to the main part with Gorilla Glue and clamp till dry. This is way easy. Unless your dumb.

Step 4: Handle

I used this shiny tape as a handle, but use whatever you want. (warning: shiny tape is sharp and sharp things hurt, am I right)

Step 5: The Sword

The picture shows the ninja inspired sword I made a while ago in comparison with my knife. I'm thinking of being the steampunk ninja for halloween and these will be my weapons.



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    8 years ago on Introduction

    Not really knife-like. The sword, on the other hand, does have possibilities.

    You might try crushing the tube, so it looks more blade-like. Also, file the end to a point.

    Another possibility would be two nails in the tip with the end filled , making it a stun prod.

    That concept might work for the un-knife as well.

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    I did try flattening the tube. It looked kind of weird though so I brought it back to normal. I like the idea of filing the end to a point. Yeah I know the knife isn't really a knife but oh what the heck.


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    It could be kinda like a stun-gun type thing.. I've got a Steampunk story that I'm writing, and the main weapon for Law Enforcement is a simple firearm called a "Rod", which is a simple metal rod with a firing button. The ammunition is stored in a clip that sits at the back. It fires charged projectiles at low speeds that are designed to stun targets..

    You might use that idea to remodel the knife into a better weapon..


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    That story seems interesting, lunius. You should maybe post it somewhere, while in progress or when it's done. whichever you'd prefer. I'd like to read it.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    Baen books ( I cant remember the title) had a story about a culture that had advanced beyond Star Trek levels crumbling, and reduced to primitive near stone age tech. The main protagonists had recovered some tech used and "AMP" wands, or bigger "AMP" swords and staph's as their main weapons. What you made is pretty similar to the discription

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