Noah's Ark

Introduction: Noah's Ark

This is my small version of Noah's ark.

I used tinkercad to draw the models.

Step 1: Build the Ark


I used spheres, round roof and squares that i framed/molded with other structures like squares and cylinders.


I used a rectangle to make the floor of the house (that correspond to the top of the ark)

Stairs and ramp

I add stairs and a ramp for the animals



Arca de noe.stl --> Noah's ark

Escada e rampa.stl --> Stairs and ramp

Step 2: Noah

To make Noah i used two cylinder for the legs and two for the arms, one paraboloid for the body, one sphere for the face and for the hair i used half of a three and then i divided in half this haf of three to do some cut hair on the top of the hair. I made the eyes with spheres, the beard with half of a strange pyramid from the community objects of the tinkercad (sorry i don’t remember the name), and i put a mouth with part of a cylider cut with a sphere. The hands are represented with halph of a sphere and the walking stick with part of the letter J.



Noe.stl --> Noah

Step 3: The Animals

I don’t remember exactly how i do all the steps for all the animal’s. I build the animals by a process I call trial and error ... if I do not like, I change the shapes and try to do it again. Sometimes I try to inspire my imagination with some pics of the real animals and o think what is the better way to do the model.

The way each animal is done depends on the creativity of the each person

Almost all animals that i have created have the body structure made with a cylinder and two half spheres except the pig, the crows and pigeons (as far as I remember ...)

To give volume to the elephant's face put two spheres, one on each side coupled to a larger sphere. The elephant's trunk or the camel's neck were made with parts of Torus Thick.

The tails of some animals eyelashes and hair (such as the giraffes) were performed with the letter v.

The crows or pigeons have the same body. The crows and pigeons differ from each other because the nozzle is sized differently and because the sphere head of the pigeon was placed in a diferente way and with a smaller size.

The wings of the birds are broken into three parts, this parts are identical and is construction is based on a piece of cut cylinder with two cubes.



Camelos.stl --> Camels

Corvos.stl --> Crows

Elefantes.stl --> Elephants

Gatos.stl --> Cats

Girafas.stl --> Giraffes

Leão e leoa.stl --> Lions

Pombos.stl --> Pigeons

Porcos.stl --> Pigs

Ursos.stl --> Bears

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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    STL files contain no color information. Did you hand-paint the figures after printing?
    Cats look cool in an STL viewer.


    Reply 3 years ago

    i try to paint them, but with pla it's difficult to achive a good result. i don't know yet how to put color info in Stl files. Thanks


    4 years ago

    So cute! Do you have pictures of any of the printed pieces?