NodeMCU ESP8266 - WiFi Robot Car Controlled by Application (Wifi Bot / Android / IoT)

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In this project tutorial we will learn how to control robot car by using android device via WiFi. We will use the NodeMCU ESP8266-12E for this project. Also we will develop the application using MIT App Inventor.

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Step 1: Required Hardware

Required Hardware:

NodeMCU ESP8266-12E -

L298N H-bridge -

Robot Car Chassis -

Jumper/Wires -

9V Battery -

Battery Cable -

Mini Breadboard -

Micro USB Cable -

5V Power Bank

Any Android Device

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Step 2: Source Code and Application

Tutorials about the NodeMCU and Library

Get the ".aia" and ".apk" (application)

Get the Code of the Project

Step 3: You Can Subscribe to My YouTube Channel

You can subscribe to the my YouTube channel for more tutorials and projects. Subscribe for support. Thank you.

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7 Discussions


Question 2 months ago

Where can I download the source code for NodeMCU? The link to download the source code for NodeMCU is broken:

kumars54321nur aqilah

Reply 2 months ago

i think some error in ur source code
or check ur ssid and password i mean wifi id name and password which is insert on souce code

Danank Mbanteng

1 year ago

Hello sir, I am beginner about arduino program & i have succeeded in making this project, but i need help, where i have to add code, "When Wifi connection of smartphone is disconnected and stop of robot car running"
how's the code? i hope anyone can help, thanks a lot

1 reply
kumars54321Danank Mbanteng

Reply 2 months ago

node mcu is totally work with internet so wifi is necessary because command is given by program is stored in node mcu
i think ur problem would be solved. Go ahead


2 years ago

Do you have a wiring chart of the circuit?