Noise Isolating Ear-Bud Headphones




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Poor mans noise isolating ear-buds. Many advantages over ($200-$300)Bose: cheaper (pennies on the dollar) and smaller, allows mobility, no batteries required. Using existing (JVC) noise canceling Ear-buds, use Flents (or other manufacturers) spongy-type earplugs in place of the JVC plug. If you have heat-shrink, you can replace and elongate the JVC tube to allow inserting the Flent's plug better into your ear.
Great for planes, bus/car, mowing the grass, loud work environment, etc. Your mp3 player will only require 1/2 volume with these - thereby extending battery life.




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9 years ago on Introduction

Its not working for me...i went and got the headphones BUT i cant make the hole..i used a nail and the hole is to small..cant get it thru..i used a hot nail and it still dont work..they smush up before i get em in the hole..any tips?


9 years ago on Introduction

So you just put a hole through the earplugs, and that's all? Don't you need some sort of tubing through the middle, so the tunnel doesn't get squashed and block the noise from getting in your ear?


10 years ago on Introduction

these don't really count as noise canceling headphones, they just block noise. actual noise-canceling headphones have a small microphone and circuitry to generate an "anti-wave" to counter outside noise. these do work great though.


10 years ago on Introduction

Cool, but is this really necessary? With that type of earbud (goes in the canal), the rubber piece does a fairly good job by itself of blocking noise. On the other hand, the foam would probably be much more comfortable. Probably worth trying since I already have the headphones...


11 years ago on Introduction

iv'e done this many times, i have about 5 pairs of headphones like this and if I have to listen for music in public for a long time, these are my only option.
They are harder to put in then regular ones, i roll mine in my fingers (like how you normally put ear plugs in) and stick them all the way in and let it expand. you can't run in them or they fall out, or it's just annoying.

I bought a big pack of earplugs a long time ago just for this purpose (and some gun shooting)

that seems like an easier way to make the holes than ive been doing... but i dont have access to a big hollow needle thing. I either soak them in water, freeze, and drill a hole, or use a hot nail.

and for cheap earbuds... (no affiliation)

after using these you won't be able to listen to regular "ipod" type earbuds again. The isolation makes even horrible quality headphones sound better than ipod type because of lack of outside noise, and the amplification.

but please change the tittle. these are noise isolation ear buds, they don't send outside sounds into your ear 1/2 wavelength off so it meets destructively.