Noise Control Using Intel Edison


Introduction: Noise Control Using Intel Edison

Last few days I had problem with my roommate as he used to make lot of noise at night and wake me up. I had to walk out of my room to tell him to be quiet or text him with the bright mobile light on my face. I would be totally awake by this process. In his defense he used to say that how would he know if the noise is below the limit. So using sound sensor I made sure he knows if he is being loud. making is very simple (like all of my projects) so that everyone could make it.

When the sound is louder than a limit, LCD will display "Be Quiet!" and will have red backlight, otherwise it will display "Thank You" with white backlight.

Step 1: Things You Would Need​

  • Intel edison with expansion board and motor shield
  • Grove sound sensor
  • Grove LCD
  • connecting wire and USB cable

Step 2: Hardware Connection

Attach Intel Edison to expansion board and connect motor shield. Now as can be seen from the image, Sound sensor is connected to A0 on motor shield and LCD is connected to 12C.

Step 3: Software

I hope you have gone through getting started process from Intel. Download the file and open using Arduino IDE software. Upload the code and ENJOY A GOOD NIGHT SLEEP.



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    Nice idea....