Noise~Rompler / Cicada ~

Introduction: Noise~Rompler / Cicada ~

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Rompler - is an electronic musical instrument that plays pre-fabricated sounds based on audio samples ..

In general, this project is a continuation of the previous .. The previous experiments with noise~sound [ part-I & part-II ] that I was made before ..

Then I start making it, I was interested in how to make my sound recording inside the microchip with sound~deforming after recording .. And .. I start traveling into the different Time~Periods on Past and Future to collect the parts and instruments to make of that is a reality ..

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Step 1: Prepare a First DIP ~

Step 2: Transmission Preparing ~

Some parts have been found on a regular market but some of that's have been returned from the Soviet Union ~ from Soviet~army~fighting machines ~ It's transmission parts ~ 3.3 mOm potentiometer and 10 mOm photoresistor, also coil~Inductors too .. Even the part of wires to soldering and cover to them from Soviet~army~fighting machines ..

Step 3: Writing Sound Samples Into ROM ~

Read-only memory (ROM) is a type of non-volatile memory used in computers and other electronic devices.

I vent into the Future to find the microchip for making a sound recording with the possibility to change it after recording ~ After I were found it and come back to my barbarian Time I asked musician from the planet Zhōngguó to send me some of the sounds and now it was used at that project as a sound~samples ..

Step 4: Prepare Second DIP~holder, Testing & Soldering

Step 5: Make the Body and Connect All Parts ~

Step 6: Test and Mix the Sounds ~

So ..

Step 7: Resume ~

Each pin here performs its function, and in addition to sharing power and can connect them together through sound channels and connect potentiometers to each other .. In addition, the empty minus field at the output of the signal also matters if you make a more complex design using modules from children's toys.

Maybe you will found it interesting, who knows?

Step 8:

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