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This is a super simple tutorial to make text and images appear using a Nokia 5110 and an Arduino.

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Step 1: What You Need

This tutorial uses a Nokia display. I found mine at miniinthebox for about 3 bucks.. I am also using a Arduino Duemilanove and a standard breadboard.

The training I am working off comes from Sparkfun. You can find the original work here.

The training there works, but their 5110 does not match mine, and I would like training out there for the version I have.

Disclaimer - It is mentioned that they way we are hooking up the 5110 may decrease its life expectancy. I have chosen to disregard that. They are cheap, and to be honest I have never got the other potential setups to work.

Step 2: Attach the Display and Wires

I am using wires with male ends, so this setup is crazy easy.

I do not see a label on my display to tell me which is pin 1, so I choose to start from the right and work back to the left.

The second picture shows the wiring scheme I used. Colors of course do not matter, but it may make it more clear while you debug.

I also added a 330 Ohm resistor between the BL and pin 9. This adds a little protection for the display since it is not supposed to run at 5V.

Step 3: Code It Up

You really should explore the awesome explanation and steps at sparkfun. The code is all listed there and there are sweet explanations for how to create your own bitmaps. I made a Detroit Lions one that I am really pleased with.

They also have the codebender plug in available. I had never seen it before, but found it really slick.

If you just want to see your 5110 light up, use the code in this text file.

Step 4: Check Us Out @HLModTech

Modular Technology is a class for 8th Graders. We have more than 30 modules that students choose from during the 18 weeks they see me. If you would like to learn more about Mod Tech you can check out our website.

You can follow us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook @HLModTech.

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2 years ago

I see the screen only after reset Arduino UNO...


3 years ago

Not sure what proper means. Do you have an example you can show me?


3 years ago

Seriously, write it proper so someone can read it properly

Thank u


3 years ago

Wire it up like the picture, add the code in the steps and you can make your 5100 display display some sweet effects. Did you click the next button? There are 4 pages I believe.


3 years ago

What is this instructable about and where are the instructions to do something ????