Non-Contact Voltage Detector

Non-Contact Voltage Detector

This is Non-Contact Voltage Detector.
You can use it to detect AC and DC current present in any wire or circuit without touching the circuit.
You can even detect static electricity with this detector.
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Parental Guidance may be needed for this project.
Be Safe.

For making this project you need -
A 9v battery
A battery cap
3 2n3904 or bc547 transistors
1m ohm resistor
100k ohm resistor
2 ohm resistor
1 smd led
soldering iron
hot glue
some wires
and this circuit
After gathering out all this stuff just follow the instructions in the circuit and make a special voltage detector that is innovative yet simple.
More awesome projects coming soon.
Stay tuned.
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    3 years ago

    what ohm resistor did you use in the list you say it is 2 ohm but the diagram says 220 ohm?

    1 reply