Non-Inverting Operational Amplifier Tutorial (Op-Amp) With Theory & Lab

Introduction: Non-Inverting Operational Amplifier Tutorial (Op-Amp) With Theory & Lab

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Hi all!
I've been working on getting several electronic tutorials made up for an upcoming electronic learning kit that I've been working on.  This specific video tutorial concentrates on non-inverting operational amplifiers.  This video features the LM324 quad op-amp DIP IC.

The video touches on the following items:
1) The theory behind the non-inverting amplifier, which includes easy to understand calculations, and several examples.
2) A lab portion, where I perform an example on a breadboard.
3) The pin-out of the LM324 DIP Quad Op-Amp IC.

This video will be one of many that will allow for people who are just getting into electronics to understand both the theory and the hand-on aspects of practical electronic design.  I will be posting many more videos such as this in the weeks to come.  All videos will follow the same formula of theory, lab, and pin-out (where applicable).

LM324 ICs are very easy to find and usually cost less than $0.35 or less if purchased in bulk.  If you search ebay for "LM324", many different listings will come up.  Below is an example:

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Thank you kindly for viewing.  I sincerely hope that you find it helpful.

Kind regards,

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    I'm interested in making an op-amp from scratch using transistors / caps / resistors. Anyone know of a project with that?