Non-Permanent Kitchen Organizer





Introduction: Non-Permanent Kitchen Organizer

I admit I was inspired by Ikea, the image of the perfect organizer haunted me and my inability to utilize it in my rented space.

Since we rent I needed a non-permanent solution to very little kitchen counter space. I really wanted to take our utensils up and on display. This is "Fully removable" using the Command strips.

("Fully" because the command strips have noted issues with some wall paint)

Step 1: Materials!

Command Hooks x2 make sure that they are the bigger size used for more weight and can fit the bar your intending to use. $12 ea

The Bar x1 this was used from a "Double Closet Rod" space organizer, I did have 2 left over closet hooks. You can use any bar or dowel you like - this one appealed to me. I liked the length, heft, and solidity of this bar. $7

S hooks x 12 This is a pack of shower curtain hooks. You can probably use cafe hooks or something but this was readily available. $10

Non-permanent = about $41

The inspiration (FINTORP series) Bar $10.00 HooksX2 $3, & Flatware Caddy $6 = about $34.00

Step 2: Install

Prep the command hooks by getting the sticky bits where they should go on the hook.

Decide where the bar should go. (ours is over the stove)

Note: You don't want to put it too high that you can't easily remove the utensils from the bar.

Hook the bar into the command hooks.

Press the command hooks firmly onto the wall.

Maybe a leveler will be handy? I used the bar and the molding of the house to get it where I wanted. The utensils don't slide around due to gravity so it works.

Use the S hooks to hang utensils.

BONUS: The wire utensil holder we had was easy to hang and it holds the other utensils that couldn't be hung because they don't have holes or their holes aren't the right size.

Step 3: TA-Dah!




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    4 Discussions

    I love that this is removable. The most difficult part of wanting to do some DIY projects when renting.

    I love that this is removable. The most difficult part of wanting to do some DIY projects when renting.

    Cute idea!