Non-bake Cupcake!

Introduction: Non-bake Cupcake!

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My grandmum brought instant butter cake, But it's too simple, So, I made this!

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Step 1: Ingredients

You needs :
Instant butter cake
Oreo (I suggest dubble stuffed)
Margarine (melted) (artificial butter)
Chocolate (melted)
Icing sugar
Cupcake cups (small)

Step 2: Crush Butter Cake

Crush butter cake in the bowl, Make it crumbly. Stir it to makes it softer.

Step 3: Mix Cake Crumble With Margarine

Add some melted margarine or butter in the bowl, I suggest margarine 'cause it's more creamy.

Step 4: Fill the Mix

Fill the mix in cupcake cup, Shape it well.

Step 5: Grate Cream From Oreo

Grate some cream from Oreo, Put it on cupcake top like pic 2

Step 6: Chocolate Flavored?

To make Chocolate flavor, Add chocolate instead of Margarine. Make every step the same.

Step 7: Decorates

Decorate with Oreo roughly crunch, Put almonds on the tops and sprinkle some icing sugar, place Oreo on plate.

Step 8: Finish!!

Won't you cram it? Try some!

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