Non-wind Flyer Light Weight / Feather Weight Dart Plane

About: I instrutable things.

This is a paper airplane that can only flowen at a warm no wind moving plae inside if it was lined paper feather weight.

You need:
Paper or lined paper [feather weight]


This paper airplane is lighter than it original dart. 


Step 1: 1.

Fold the paper in to top part triangle then, rip the bottom bit apart then open it up and fold the middle then open it up and then fold the side-mid then open it up.

Step 2: Final

Fold the mid tip to side-mid line so the tip is pointing at the side-mid line then, turn the paper over and then fold the triangle side and then fold it in half as inside in then fold the sides then the paper airplane should look like the 3rd picture and the intro 1st picture. 



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