Noodle Mosaic




Introduction: Noodle Mosaic

This is a great way to use extra spaghetti noodles to make this awesome noodle creation "minecraft Steve wearing a bow tie"

Step 1:

Cut a 4x10 inch piece of wood

Step 2:

Now let's get started in this case I've made a mine craft Steve wearing a bow tie break the noodles to the size that you need them to be

Step 3:

I used glue to put the noodles in place you can use what ever

Step 4:

For the bow tie I used a bow tie noodle

Step 5:

Make a square for the head move down a little bit and put two small lines on the side

Step 6:

Put two lines down from the other two

Step 7:

Put two parallel lines equal with the two you just put on and put four more for the hands

Step 8:

Now put the eyes and mouth on

Step 9:

The last thing is to put the legs on your done now



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    4 Discussions

    Great idea! Thanks fo!r sharing

    This is great. I wonder how a 3D version would look?

    This is really cool. I'll try to make it sometime. It's unique and original.

    A very neat, unique and cheap ay to make a mosaic, you could do any design under the sun this way!