Noodle Outdoor RUG





Introduction: Noodle Outdoor RUG

This rug is for outdoor use.

Step 1: Supply List

For this project you will need noodles and zip ties.

Step 2:

Start with one noodle in the middle and start wrapping the other noodles around.

Step 3:

Use the zip ties as you go, tying the edges and corners so that no part of the noodle is sticking out.

Step 4:

As your rug gets bigger you may have to cut parts of the noodles to fit. Keep going until you reach your desired size.



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    4 Discussions

    Nice job here! Using materials you may already have to make useful things... I like that. ;)

    That's fun. Ditto to the comment about an emergency float, or a just-for-fun float!

    This would be fun to have out back my a pool. It could double as a door mat and an emergency float.