"Normal Application" Trolling

Introduction: "Normal Application" Trolling


This is my first instructable that I want to share with you!

What is this?

Simple: If executed, this "application" starts to crash the computer it was excuted on, because it opens about 120 batch windows in one minute. A normal computer can't handle this long...

How to fix this if it was executed?

I won't tell you yet. Wait for the end!

Step 1: OPTIONAL: Setting a Title

This is the most simple step in this work. You can add a title for the window if you want.

title TITLE

You have to put this in the first, it won't work otherwise! This code sets the title to TITLE, you can change that by replacing TITLE by your text!

Step 2: Setting Up the Marker, the Command and the Redo

Return and put the following code into your file:

goto X

:X places a marker, start is the command for executing lots and lots of batch windows and goto X redoes everything.

Step 3: Preventing Issues and Preview

Now that we have set up the main code, we need to fix problems before they appear.

To do so, locate the last line in your code and add the following (add the "space", too!):

 if NOT start

This will prevent the script from failing. As soon as the command goto X fails, the last window will be opened.

Step 4: Stopping the Script in Case of Serious Problems

If there is coming up the chance of very serious consequences, this script can be stopped.

Select one of the opened batch windows, insert the command and run it fast!

taskkill /IM cmd.exe -f

This the only way to stop this (except restarting or crashing)!

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