North American Cockerfly




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After my success with capturing and preserving a European Cockerfly, I set out to capture its cousin, the more elusive North American Cockerfly. There are two key differentiations that sets the North American cockerfly apart from its European counterpart. First is the obvious vivid orange and black coloration. Secondly is its penchant for predating on living animals. It has been known to carry off giant rats and small crippled children unable to defend themselves from the North American Cockerfly's giant razor talons . Here are some pictures of the preservation process and of the cockerfly staged in its natural environment.



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting... this may be the only insect ever to have it's wings on it's abdomen instead of it's thorax like other insects. Evolution is a strange and mysterious process. ;-)


    8 years ago on Introduction

    I hear that there are 2 inch long Cockerflys in the island of Madagascar and they hiss as they pass. The residents of Puerto Rico are reputed to use the Gascockerfly to ward off the Chupacabra on their island.