North Pole Photo Tree

Introduction: North Pole Photo Tree

Our 13-year old son, Danny, created this wonderful North Pole Photo Holder decoration from home made items along with clothes pins for holding photos. Thank you for viewing.
1.  For the base, I used an almost flat piece of wood and sliced a long thin groove in it for photos.  I painted with red, white and green paint.
2.  For pole - I used a circular wooden piece with a hole in it and painted it red.  I put a screw through the pole and long enough to screw into the flat base.  Used an old ornament for top of pole. 
3.  Pole design - wrapped with Mardi Gras beads of different colors and glued first and last few rows of beads to pole.  Glued 2 clothes pins to pole for photos.  Decorated with red curled ribbon. 
4.  Sign - thumb tacked and taped the North Pole sign to the top of pole but you can use any colors or paints you want or stencils for letters.
Thank you,
Danny G.    

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