Northwest African Sweet Couscous




Introduction: Northwest African Sweet Couscous

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Super delicious dish for breakfast, exceptional occasion(s) ,or special guest(s)..

Supplies :
× 3 cups of fine couscous
× 1+1/2 cup of whole milk
× 1/2 cup of sugar
× large handful of dates, i used 15 dates
× 1/2 cup of cashew nuts
× 1 cup of almonds
× 3 tbs of sof butter
× 1 pomegranate
× flavour of your choice ,i used almond and butter-vanilla ,it's more desirable to use orange blossom water if found.

Step 1: Butter

Mix 3 cups of fine couscous with 3 tbs of sof butter, mix really well to combine.

Step 2: Sugar and Flavour

Add sugar and some drops of your favorite flavour then mix.

Step 3: Milk

Add the milk stirring constantly, then let the mixture repose covered for 15-20 minutes or till the couscous absorb the milk entirely,.you can use warm milk to accelerate the process.

Step 4: Preparing Pomegranate and Dates

In the meanwhile, cut and de-seed the pomegranate ,wash the dates well and slices them thinly .

Step 5: Cooking

Steam the couscous covered on medium - high flame for 30 minutes or until is tender .

Step 6: Toasting Nuts

In the meantime ,put almonds and cashew nuts on baking tray and cook them for 10 minutes on 180 ° C .

Step 7: Adding Dates and Pomegranate Seeds

When the couscous is cooked, turn off the heat , add dates slices and pomegranate seeds and mix.
(You can add flavour in this stage if you like it more intense )

Step 8: Garnishing and Serving

Serve hot or cold topped with toasted nuts.

Be suitable with liquids like black coffee, tea,milk or juice.


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    2 Discussions


    4 years ago

    Do I understand correctly in that you allow the couscous to absorb the milk? then place over a steamer or do you cook in a pot?

    chained butterfly
    chained butterfly

    Reply 4 years ago

    hi , i'm sorry if i didn't explain this,the couscous is steamed on traditional steamer or couscousier .