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Introduction: Nose Piece for Sunglasses

I had just purchased a pair of sunglasses. One day while cutting the grass, I took them off my head and the nose piece went flying off. I looked all through the grass for that tiny part and finally gave up. That's when I decided to just build another one. The sunglasses didn't cost but about $20. Most people would have just bought a new pair. But I am a fan of the instructables!

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Step 1: Getting Started

The sunglasses were relatively inexpensive. I knew that whatever my solution, it must also be inexpensive. I looked at what I had laying around in my garage and saw that I had everthing I needed.
* Play Dough
* Two-Part Epoxy
* Razor Knife
* Note Card
* Sand Paper

Step 2: Shape Play Dough

Mold the play dough into a shape that will allow the nose piece to rest comfortably in the center. The mold should be large enough to allow for the nose piece to be in the center and plenty of material around it. If there is not enough material, the mold may become distorted once the original is removed.

Step 3: Press Into Mold

Take the original nosepiece and press it down in the center of the play dough. Make sure that the smallest part that connects to the frame of the glasses is pointed down.

Step 4: Create Mold Cavity

Very carefully, remove the original from the mold. I found the easiest way to do this was with a razor knife. Loosely holding the outside of the mold, pry the original out of the mold. Keep in mind, the play dough is soft.

Step 5: Add Epoxy

I used a marine safe two part epoxy I had leftover from another project. Each type of epoxy is different, so pay attention to the instructions. Whatever kind you use, mix it well and it to the mold a little at a time. I dabbed a drop at a time into the small part of the mold first. I used a precision (small) screwdriver to pack the epoxy down into the mold. Fill the mold generously. You can always remove material from the final product. It is much more difficult to properly add material to a finished product.

Step 6: Remove Excess

Using a note card, or some other straight edge, scrape off any material that appears to be excess. You want the new part to have just a little more material than the original. Not twice the amount.

Step 7: Clean Up

The cure time will be based on the type of epoxy. Basically, give it at least a couple of hours to cure. Carefully peel away the play dough from the new nose piece. Cut away any excess material and sand the rough edges.

Congratulations! You now have a new part to fix your shades!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    its amazing how something like playdoh can become a tool in an emergency. thank you for sharing this great idea