Not-For-The-Faint-of-Heart Caramel Pop-corn





Introduction: Not-For-The-Faint-of-Heart Caramel Pop-corn

Fat, sugar, salt, you get it all!! But the taste... you'll remember forever!

This is my very own version of toffey-caramel popcorn. The measurements are approximatives but it doesnt really matter. The texture will get better after you have done this recipe a few times and you'll adjust it to your own standards.

You can keep the caramel popcorn for a few days until they become too soft. (my kids dont mind though...!!!)
here is what you'll need:

about 4 onces of cream (in canada: 15% cream; elsewhere: whipping cream)
about 2 cups of brown sugar
a bit less than 1/4 cup of butter
popcorn (equivalent of 1 microwavable bag)

The caramel recipe can be use many ways:
-icecream topping
-cake topping
-cook it longer, add nuts and make caramel bars

You can keep the caramel in a sealed jar for a long time, just microwave it a bit to soften it.

Step 1: Preparing the Caramel

First, you'll start by popping your popcorn your favorite way.

Meanwhile, stir the butter in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Do not over heat, the butter and/or brown sugar will burn.
as soon as the butter has melted, add your brown sugar.
Stir constantly, until the sugar is completely melted. Add cream, stir.

Step 2: Stirring

You'll continue stirring your caramel until it gently boils. Let it boil for 2 minutes. Dont over cook it, you'll have a hard time covering your popcorn since the caramel thickens after it stops cooking.

Step 3: Mix the Heavenly Caramel With Your Popcorn

Once your popcorn is ready, put it in a big bowl, you'll need space in your bowl to stir the caramel so use a big big one.

Remove your saucepan, quickly pour over popcorn and stir non-stop, to cover every popcorn.

If your caramel is too thick, you will have a hard time doing this and your popcorn will stick together in chunks. At this point, your only options is to make more caramel, cook it less longer and add to your batch, or eat your chunks of popcorn!

At this point, you could add nuts to your mixture, if you want to. (peacans and walnuts are great...)

Step 4: Spread the Joy!!

Spread your popcorn on a sheet of non-stick paper (i use clingwrap type, wax paper would work just fine too) until the caramel harden. If you skip this step, in less than 5 minutes you'll end up with a huge block of popcorn!!

Once the caramel is set, (takes 5 to 10 minutes, serve, enjoy and watch for the heart attack!!



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    soory about that! in canada, or at least in quebec, we call our cream by the amount of fat in it. so heavy cream is around 45% fat, whipping cream around 15 to 25% fat and coffee cream between 5 to 10%. same for milk. i dont recommand milk for this recipe as the fat is needed to produce caramel. unless you put some more butter in it...

    WOW. i just made some with milk instead of cream and halfed the ingrediants. there is still alot of caramel and it tastes great! my only problem was i overcooked the caramel juuuuuuuust a tad, and it has too much of a burnt flavor

    5 replies

    what milk did u use...normal or full cream or whatever?.....pls reply....i wanna try this thing :)

    I used "heavy whipping cream." I think whole milk might work if you have it, but if not just buy the whipping cream.

    Oh, well whole milk is drinking milk. I don't know what kind of milk you drink, like 2% and stuff might work.

    Here is images from some Caramel Popcorn I made. It's awesome, and I'm making more for a school party :D First image is popcorn. Second is sister inspecting popcorn. Third image is a chunk of hard caramel that is oh-so delicious!


    WARNING! Caramel is yummy and delicious but refrain from dipping your finger in the pot to test hurts really bad! And if you are a dumbass like me you will lose the use of your taste buds for a few days after you stick your caramel covered blistered finger in your mouth. It was so yummy though....

    1 reply

    what do you mean by cream (15%)? 15% of the caramel is cream? is it 15% whipping cream? can i use milk?

    awesome cook,awesome recipe,awesome candy......Definitely an A+....

    man this looks sweet, looks like kernels popcorn which is amazing for their double hit caramel corn. i'm making this tonight when i get home!

    before popping microwave popcorn you can get an estimate by just feeling the amount of popcorn in the bag.