Not-so-ubiquitous Knitted Chair

Intro: Not-so-ubiquitous Knitted Chair

Create a world of chairs, from a single chair.
An adulterated, neglected anti-icon has infected the globe. Help me to reclaim its potential as a structure, through individual creativity and local production, through a global community.

You know the chair I'm talking about, the ubiquitous plastic chair. Millions of them are scattered all over the world, in houses, gardens, patios, schools, churches, cafes, etc. Revive this structure using knitting as media for your creativity! What's provided here is a basic pattern for a chair, however you could treat it as a canvas for your imagination! Add cables, lace, colourworks, add shapes, whatever you like! The possibilities are endless!

If you decide to join this revolution please do let me know!



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    7 years ago on Introduction

    OMG the song is awesome! Is it possible to get a copy somewhere?


    9 years ago on Introduction

    this is amazing, would be a great alternative to reupholstering too. too bad i can't knit! once i learn i will so try this!!