Not the Average Scarf - Best First Knitting Project

Introduction: Not the Average Scarf - Best First Knitting Project

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I created this scarf when I fell in love with a beautiful textured yarn. I bougth it immediately, and began knitting, I tried using the needle size recommended in the packaging, bit the beautiful texture vanished when knitting it. I tried with thicker needles and even with the thickest one, it didn't looked as I expected.

So I came up with this scarf and I loved it. I received so many compliments with my new scarf, the ladies at my church asked me to teach them. Now everyone at church wear these scarfs.

If you are just learning to knit, this project is perfect, you'll be able to finish it quickly and if you make a mistake, with the textured yarn will be hard to notice.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

The thickest knitting needles you can find. Mine are #15

Textured yarn

Simple yarn

Measuring tape

Step 2: Cast On

We are going to begin knitting, but we'll make everything using the two yarns. So cast on 10 stitches if you are using #15 needles (11 cm), both yarns together. Here's a very helpful video showing how to cast on.

Step 3: Knit

The basic stitches are knit and purl, if you don't know how to knit yet, you can learn by watching videos, there are lots of them. I like this one. just replay them until you've mastered the stitch. I believe the first attempts you should practice using only the simple yarn, and when you've understood how the yarn should look like, you can knit with the textured yarn.

Knit as many rows as needed until you have a 11 x 25 cms rectangle. With the #15 needle that's 24 rows.

Step 4: Cast Off

The way we end knitting is called cast off. We cast off the last row of stitches to make an edge that won't unravel. If you are learning, I suggest this video.

Step 5: Fringes

Cut the rest of the yarn in pieces of 76 in.

Remember to cut the two yarns together too.

Fold the fringe in half, take the loop and insert it in the first stitch, (it'll be easy to do it without a hook, because we used thick needles)

Fold the rectangle in half and insert the loop through the first stitch of that side of the rectangle. Bring the ends through the loop and pull.

Repeat on the next stitch until you finish closing the rectangle. It looks pretty but we only have 10 fringes, continue adding the fringes beside those first 10.

Make the fringes go through the knitted loop to tie around your neck.

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