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This is the instruction to an awesome note symbol clock. It´s perfect as a gift for music school teachers.

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Step 1: Open the Clock

I used an IKEA clock, for those is the printable, too.

Open the plastic cover and pull out the timing pointer.

Step 2: Print Out the Dial Plate

Print the dial plate (there are two pages, one with the dial plate and the other one with the clefs) and cut it out.

Cut out the bass and treble clef.

Step 3: Glue the Clef to the Timing Pointer

Glue the clefs to the timing pointers.

Step 4: Put Everything Back Together

Cut a hole into the middle of the dial plate and put it onto the clock. Press the timing pointers pack into the clock. Now put the plastic cover on top.

There you go - a note symbol clock

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4 years ago

I couldn't download the .doc file. The website returns an error :(

2 replies
He Se caioboza

Reply 3 years ago on Introduction

It should be working now. If you need a different file than PDF, let me know and I´ll add the file you need.

caiobozaHe Se

Reply 3 years ago

Thank you! It's working now

He Se

3 years ago on Introduction

You can now download the file again. It´s a PDF file. If you need a different sort of file let me know and I´ll add another file.


4 years ago on Introduction

This is a really cool idea but 3 could be a dotted minim, 6 a dotted semibreve, 7 a semibreve and a dotted minim, 8 a breve, 9 & 10 breve with crochet & quaver respectively, 11 a breve and a dotted minim and 12 a dotted breve.
What about putting an alto clef on the second hand


4 years ago

looks good! but 3 should be dotted half note. 6 should be dotted hole note. and so on

2 replies
He Se rossthebuilder

Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

Yes, that´s a good idea. You can use the word fount "Maestro Time" and change the notes (choose symbols, there you can find the dotted notes)