Notebook Cooler Pad

Introduction: Notebook Cooler Pad

Due to I'm working with graphic stuffs on my MacBook Air, which take a lot of CPU loads and it produce heat. So, I was seeking for the cooler pad on the market, but all of them provide very low airflow. So I decide to built my own version of note book cooler pad with 12 VDC fans.

For the frame I use the 20x20 alu profile stacked so it will be 40x20, this is because to let fans get better intake airflow. Then I cut the clear acrylic sheet placing on top.

Then wiring 3 fans to the DC socket and plug to the 12V adapter.

That it.

Thank for reading.

Thanaman R.



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    I need one of these for my laptop. It is always overheating itself or me.