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About: i am 13 and i live in Australia. i live with my mum, step dad and sister and visit my dad every fortnight.

Learn how to make a super simple notebook that takes only twenty minutes to make! A great gift idea or just to keep for yourself.

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Step 1: You Will Need:

-cardboard, I used an old national geographic store bag
-needle and thread
-paint and brush
-ruler (optional, I didn't use one)

Step 2: The Cover

cut your cardboard to the size you would like.

Step 3: The Cover Design

Add two colours of paint and blend them together to create an ombre effect. You can keep yours in the corner like I did or cover the whole cover.

Once your paint is dry you can draw your design on the book with a sharpie or any marker.

Step 4: The Paper

You want to make sure that every piece of paper is exactly the same size. Cut the paper so that there is a boarder all the way around the cover of at least half a centimeter

Step 5: The Spine

Add three holes using pins. Thread the cotton onto the needle and begin sewing threw the cover and the paper.

Basically just sew it all together.


congratulations on completing the notebook. As reward you win an imaginary potato!

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    ann onymous

    4 years ago

    i will totally make this!


    5 years ago

    Cool instructable! :)