No,the Water Does Not Freeze at 0° (not Always) ! Proof Here



Introduction: No,the Water Does Not Freeze at 0° (not Always) ! Proof Here

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Supercooling, surfusion or Undercooling or allow freezing water instantly.

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Transform ice into water instantly through supercooling, this is a metastable state.

A material which remains in liquid form below its solidification temperature.

We learn all the water turns to ice below 0 ° C, if it is at normal atmospheric pressure.

It is possible to have liquid water at temperatures below freezing without affecting the pressure. Curious, but not so difficult to see.


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Step 1: How It Works ?

Take a new bottle of water and to freeze on command !

A state where the material that is in liquid phase passes its solidification point.

Freezing is when you have a disturbance: a vibration, a shock, a dirt ...

To conduct this experiment you will need:

  • A bottle of water or soda never open
  • a freezer

WARNING: Do not leave bottles in the freezer too long, this can cause breakage of the container. Glass bottles are not recommended because ice expands during freezing and can break the glass.

To achieve this effect, I put 4 bottles of 500 ml water in a freezer at -18ºC between 2:30 to 3:00 hours.

Each freezer has a different temperature, and I noticed that the location of your bottles in the freezer makes a huge difference to the freezing weather. For best results, choose a consistent place in your freezer, and play with gel times to see what works best for you. My freezer, the middle of the center rack stabilizes at -18ºC (-11ºF).

Step 2: ​Make of the Supercooling ?

Researchers have managed to get water at temperatures as low as -39 ° C without freezing.

The supercooled water will freeze as soon as it comes into contact with a solid surface or a particular type of aerosol called freezing nucleus.

The simplest solution is to hit the bottle it will instantly freeze if it is supercooled.

As there are a lot of condensation on the bottle,

you can use a cloth moistened with alcohol, go gently on the wall of the bottle

Step 3: ​Make of the Supercooling Lava ?

To make lava supercooled I suggest you ready open your bottle before freezing, if you made it , not the opening creak.

Gently pour on a freezing nuclei, on a ice cube for example.

Step 4: Works With All Liquids

This trick "super cool" works with all liquids.

Take a bottle of soda and to freeze on command !

This trick "super cool" works with all sodas.

Pretty cool ! Is not it?

I hope you enjoyed this instructable.

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