Notice Board/Organiser Using Steel Rule

Intro: Notice Board/Organiser Using Steel Rule

This idea comes from solving 3 common problems of students; 1. not being able to stick things to walls, 2. not having much money and 3. forgetting things.

Step 1: Find a Nail / Picture Hook in the Wall

Step 2: Find a Steel Rule and Hang by Passing the Nail Through the Hole.

Step 3: Attach Memos, Notes Etc. Using Magnets, Pegs, Clips, Paper Clips, Bluetack Etc.

Step 4: Horizonal Variations

These variants are only for those who can stick things to the wall, or have two nails horizontal to each other at an appropriate distance:

1. For those with 2 nails - drill a second hole at the other end of the rule (this will not impair its use as a rule).

2. 1 nail and sugru 'hook' (see picture).

3. 2 sugru hooks (see picture).

The horizontal version can be used with 'S' hooks and also for kitchen utensils, etc as well as memos.



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