Notify - USB

Introduction: Notify - USB

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Notify is a completely custom made USB gadget.  It has a built in character LCD that gets its content from the internet " host computer ".

Check out the photos, if you have any questions you can ask :)



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    This isn't actually an instructable is it. It's just someone showing what they mae and not really wanting to share how.

    Really detailed job but i have to say maybe you tired and you made a poor instructable....more pica and a video is what people needs.....some few words also. for those they know its enough for the others is just a click away.......

    Can anyone make somethink like this and post an Instructable? That will be cool

    I'm not the author, but I think it's a serial controlled character LCD combined with an FT232. I think you can use "LCD Smartie" with it.

    displaying news flashes, twitter feeds, etc etc without disturbing your screen with nasty popups :)