Nuances / Hues

Those pictures are parts of my last work which is questionning gender and stereotypes, I called it "Nuances" ("Hues" in english). I've always been interested by the determinism with which the society defines what we're supposed to be. The social look makes our emancipation from those same codes so difficult and i think art and design have to give a hand to this emancipation. By this series of photographs i want to show ( to question / to propose) a range of possibilities that each people has on himself to become what we really are, with four criterions about gender which are in my point of vue the most important about visual and external: hairiness, makeup, hairstyle and ornaments. My approche is sensitive and sociologic, Artistic and psychologic. When i am creating i really like to question people about their approche to society, to themselves and to the way that they look at each other.

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