Nuka Cola Quantam

Introduction: Nuka Cola Quantam

This Nuka Cola Quantum is absolutely awesome! It is glow-in-the-dark water and it is very easy to make. The purpose is to see if the Nuka Cola Quantum will be a good light source. Who knows? Make this will become the net lava lamp of the 21st century. From a light source to a source of drinking, Nuka Cola will be your new favorite thing. Follow my tips and ingredients on the next parts so that you can finally discover the mystery how to create glowing water.

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Step 1: Nuka Cola Quantum Recipe

For the Nuka Cola Quantum, it will require for you to have.....

-A 335ml Coke bottle(Mexican is preferred but I found that the Sprite bottle is best.)

-A small bowl or pitcher

-Random colored food dye coloring of any type


-LED batteries

-Bottle caps

-And tonic water with Quinine.

Step 2: Steps to Making the Nuka Cola Quantum

First, the small bowl or pitcher will need to be cleared out completely. Once you have the tonic water with quinine, the food dye coloring, and the soda, pour it into the pitcher. Add 1/3 Sprite and 1/3 Mountain Dew to the 3 drops of food dye. Then, finish the mixture with the tonic water. After you have done this, pour it into the Coke Bottle. Once this is done, close the Coke bottle. Then, glue the top on to secure it and make sure there are no leaks from the bottle. To top of the Nuka Cola Quantum, place the LED battery on the bottom of the bottle and watch your very own Nuka Cola glow. Now you are free to drink or use this as a light source! Also, you should try to lay down newspaper of some type or a towel so that if it leaks, it will not spill and leave a mess.

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    2 Discussions

    Isaac York
    Isaac York

    4 years ago

    I looked up the effects of Quinine can have on some people and some effects can be like nausea, dizziness, etc. Sometimes the quinine can be used to cure muscle cramps and stuff like that. But for a person who is not sick, would i be safe to drink?


    5 years ago on Introduction

    Next 'ible: "How I Designed the Nuka Cola Label"! This is funny. From Duke Nukem, yeah?