Nunchucks, Nunchakus How to Make Them. WEAPON NOT a TOY!





Introduction: Nunchucks, Nunchakus How to Make Them. WEAPON NOT a TOY!

1) wooden dowel rod or closet rod 1 1/2" Diameter about 3 feet long (you will have some scrap left over either 1 foot or 4 inches).
1) 3/8 drill bit and power 1/2 drill * BE CAREFUL IF YOU HAVE NEVER USED A DRILL ASK SOMEONE
1) Vice (to hold the dowel rod safely while drilling)
1) Crosscut handsaw or bandsaw or jigsaw if you have access to one (just for a cleaner cut)
1) Tape measure to measure the length of the dowel rod
(*Measure it twice and cut once* <-Rule of construction meaning you measure it twice then mark it and then cut it because you can always cut off more, but you can't add on to that which has had too much cut off)
1) 3-foot section of 3/16 NYLON BRAIDED ROPE
1) Book of matches or cigarette lighter (to melt the cut ends so that they don't unravel)
1) 3" long nail (this will help fish the rope through the holes be careful so as not to jab yourself requiring a tetanus shot)

1) Pencil

1) Flathead screwdriver

2) Adjustable band clamps 1 1/2"

*Nunchucks (1 1/2 inch dia. about 12" long or 16" depending if your about 6 feet tall or taller just to make them easier to use).

Step 1: Step 1

Step 1) Take dowel rod or closet rod and using either a hand saw (mark your rod with a pencil then use a band clamps tightened just enough so that it doesn't move on either side of the line and saw this will give you a straight cut), jig saw or band saw and cut it into 2 pieces either 12" long if you are shorter than 6 feet tall 16" if you're taller *because of bigger hands and longer arms and body parts the Nunchucks have to go around parts of your body.

Step 2: Step 2

Step 2) Take the 3/8 drill bit and put it into the chuck of the 1/2 drill and and tighten it and drill your Nunchuck handles straight through the center near the top about 1 1/2 from the top (Do not wear loose clothes or jewelry when doing this).

Step 3: Step 3

Step 3) Drill 2 more holes on each side about  1/4 distance above the hole on a 45 Degree or so angle so that the holes come out  (Parallel to each other on the top of the Nunchuck see the black and white picture i did in Microsoft paint so it looks like the side view and the top looks like the the pigs nose picture only a little closer for example; sorry it's not a kosher picture but tough LOL it was the only thing I could think of plus it will make easier to replace the rope if you ever need to replace it unlike the black and white picture with the single hole on the top that you have got a lot more fishing the rope through to do to replace it).

Step 4: Step 4

Step 4) Take the 3/16 nylon rope about 3 feet long you double it over (for strength and durability) and fish the cut ends of rope through 1 hole in the top of your Nunchuck use a nail to help fish it through  then out the side then fish it through the other side hole that goes all the way through horizontally then fish the ends up through the hole that comes out at the top make sure that both ends of the rope are the same and run them through the loop end of the rope and pull it taught so the looped end is sitting firmly on top of the Nunchuck.

Step 5: Step 5

Step 5) Do the same with the other Nunchuck except when the 2 ends come out the top of the Nunchuck the distance that the rope should be 6" - 8" (you should already know why so that the rope distance will be sufficiently long enough to go around your shoulder that the Nunchucks  can beheld in both hands and that the Nunchucks handles are parallel  to each other.) then hook the ends of the rope around the doubled over rope so that when you do step six it will loop around the  the doubled rope.

Step 6: Step 6

Step 6) Now for the fun part do the slip knot in this link below (just  a short distance a couple of inches from the ends and tie a simple knot so the knots wont come loose) just remember to loop the end of the second end through the first slip knot  one the first end and tie the slip knot on it.

Sequence to Tie a Slip Knot:

Slip Knot-1
Slip Knot Step 1. Start by folding a loop under to make two loops. By beginning the knot this way you can choose which side of the slip knot will slip to tighten or untie.

Slip Knot-2
Step 2. If you want the left side to slip, pass the left loop through the right loop; if you want the right side to slip, pass the right side through the left loop. As shown, the left rope is the slipping side.

Slip Knot-3
Step 3. Tighten the slip knot by hand around the loop so it tightens evenly.

And you are done just remember THIS IS A WEAPON AND NOT A TOY   so if you hit yourself in the head and cause yourself a concussion or hurt yourself reproductive wise you were WARNED!

*Side note this can also be used for a 3 sectional staff using three 3 foot (cut down to 33 inches except for the center rod which is 30 inches = 9 feet) 1 1/2 inch dia. dowel rods the middle rod will have to be drilled on both ends and more rope maybe needed of course.




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    To all who like this check area codes against such things as they are generally illegal in most states as they are seen as concealed weapons so check and get a permit for them, also nice job!

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    In some states they are illegal to carry or own, while in some states like mine you can own them, however you just can't carry them,

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