Nuprol Pioneer Defender- Parting Reciver! (CONTAINS RIF IMAGES)


Here's how to part the reciever on your Nuprol DELTA Pioneer defender! Or any other Nuprol DELTA gun!

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Step 1: Remove the Pin!

Step 1:

Undo screw on pin

Remove the pin at the front of the receiver (see image)

It may be stiff and require tapping out with hammer ect.

Step 2: Part Recivers!

Grab the pistol grip and somewhere on the top and pull the top forwards!

Again it might be stiff, don't worry too much!

Step 3: Done!

You have successfully parted the receiver!

Now you can remove the inner barrel, work on the gear box or any other internal work!

To put it back together simply slide the top back on and replace pin!

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