Nursery Essentials on a Budget


Introduction: Nursery Essentials on a Budget

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For every little bundle of joy, there is a big hole in a family budget. And, while designing a nursery is supposed to be a life-changing experience for soon-to-be parents, it’s not so rare that most of them have their decorating dreams crushed even before they start turning them into reality. Luckily, it takes a little inspiration, a lot of creativity and a couple of cheap tools to make that adorable piece of heaven possible without a major budget crunch. Joining your celebration, we will deliver a couple of neat and budget-friendly suggestions.

Step 1: Crib

Whether you’re looking for the simplicity of a quiet nest or inspiration for an artistic décor, a crib is an absolute essential in your nursery furnishing goals. Unfortunately, it is one item on the list you can’t actually make by yourself. Unless your expertise in handywork is quite remarkable, you’ll need to put up a few extra bucks for your little one’s comfort.

Still, there are always ways of buying a crib without spending the most of your nursery budget. Don’t fall under the spell of convertible versions that can transform as your little one grows from a baby to a toddler – in addition to being expensive, they simply don’t look too good when transformed into a full-sized bed.

Basic, yet lovely crib models can always be found for less money at Ikea, Pottery Barn Kids or Land of Nod. If those are still overpriced for you, try searching for discount prices on sites like eBay and Craigslist.

Step 2: Changing Station

Being the second essential of a nursery, a changing station is way more flexible when it comes to your nursery financial plan. There is no such thing as a purpose-only changing station, which means that basically any piece of furniture of the right size and with a spacious flat surface can be refurbished for this occasion. Instead of buying a dedicated changing table, simply find an old and no longer used dresser and adjust it for your needs. The flat surface on top will serve as a changing pad, so bear in mind that it needs to be of adequate depth and width.

Step 3: Storage Space

A changing station, however, never comes alone – you’ll also need to be clever when accommodating diapers, wipes, lotions, and all of the additional baby changing products. A nursery never requires plenty of furniture and you’ll need to be especially clever when it comes to your storage space. Fortunately, this key part of your nursery is very easy to devise.

Much like your changing table, a suitable storage piece can be made out of old closets and dressers you already possess. To choose an even more low-cost solution, simply take up a little arts and crafts project of your own, and use baskets and boxes you’ve decorated yourself.

Step 4: Mom Zone

Once the baby charms you completely, you certainly won’t be able to leave its side. For all those long hours you’ll be spending nursing the little one, you’ll need a peaceful and comfortable mom zone. The third piece of furniture on your list is therefore a rocking chair. Now, any kind of cosy armchair will fit your needs, but you’ll still want extra support for your back, cushioning and an area to relax your legs.

For breastfeeding moms and working dads impatient to rock their toddlers to sleep, plenty of soft pillows and an additional foot rest feature will probably be a fine choice. You can get those from the stockpiles of old furniture laying around your garage.

Step 5: Nap Time Light

For the first period, you should expect your newborn baby to have some troubles sleeping. It is a perfectly normal adjustment phase, yet, it is the one that will require some additional changes to the nursery. Browse for blackout curtains, and if those are another inconvenience for your budget, you can always reuse old window shades, as long as they are dark enough to provide the necessary mood for a daytime nap.

Apart from needing a dim space for quality sleep during the day, babies are still not particularly fond of complete darkness. To avoid waking them up by turning the lights on or to simply allow them security during the night, acquire a nightstand lamp that will shine soft light even in the darkest of hours. Once again, pick up your decoupage kit and decorate an outmoded one, and be sure to make the lampshade slightly opaque to provide a perfect amount of illumination.

We hope we’ve unloaded at least some of your blessed burdens, and finally, we send you heartfelt wishes for your little one!



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