Nutella Chocolate Milk Straight From the Jar



How to empty your nutella jar?

My father taught me this great lifehack 30 years ago. Using nearly empty Nutella jars, you can make delicious chocolate milk. Super easy and super fast recipe. Your kids will love. Just like I did 30 years ago.

I know I made a bit of a mess. I recommend to shake the jars above the kitchen sink.

Step 1: Heat a Glass of Milk in the Microwave

Step 2: Pour the Heated Milk in a Empty Nutella Jar

Step 3: Shake Firmly

Best to do this over the kitchen sink.
Because the lid of a nutella jar leaks.

Step 4: Optional: Repeat With Other Jars

Depending on how you like your chocolate milk and how empty your nutella jar is.

Step 5: Pour the Chocolate Milk Back in the Glass and Drink!



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