Nutella and Banana Smoothie


Introduction: Nutella and Banana Smoothie

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Hey everyone today I am gonna show you how to make this nutella and banana smoothie I hope you like it :)

Step 1: And What You Need to Do This Yummy Smoothie Is!!

so you need a honey and an egg and banana and of corse nutella because it is the main of this yummy smoothie

Step 2: And the Final Step Is Blending All the Ingredients Together

so we take the egg and we only need the egg white to make a cream and before you make a cream put the egg white in the mashine and put some honey on it to make it sweet you can also put some suger but I tell you guys honey will works better so mix it with honey and create a cream and also put the banana and nutella and mix it very well :)

Step 3: Mix All the Ingredients in the Bowl Like This

and keep it in a mashine until it gets smoothie and like a juice you can also put some ice in the bowl and that is what I like to do and when you done mixing all just put the nutella and banana smoothie into a glass and finally put the cream on it and you are done :)

Step 4: And Ta Dah

This is our nutella and banana smoothie I hope you like it
please give this instructable a like and comment me and ask anything you like to know :) enjoy



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    The flavors look delicious;

    the comments here are making me uncomfortable.
    I'm sorry. The postings do not appear to be in the category of "be nice."

    4 replies

    yes and I am so sorry ☺

    thank you DIY-guy make it and have fun it is so yummy :)

    i know it actually makes me sad too these comment but i am nice with nice people and not just me even you and everybody cant be nice with bad people :)

    KCriss, thank you very much for your kind reply. That makes my day!
    I see you have recently joined Instructables.
    There is a particular "social culture" here where the idea of "be nice" is the main attitude. I'm sure that very soon, you'll gain experience with that and you'll do fine here. Remember, once you type it and hit *enter* the words become nearly permanent and are public. They become part of your online history.

    i know dear, and it is not problem for me


    2 years ago

    no one ever told you that Nutella it's junck food ?

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    and dont ever think to be strong in front of me ok it will be better for you


    2 years ago

    and your eyes always cheat you like that? you are blind? you cant see that i put the nutella chocolate?