Nuts for Knots: Paracord Paraphernalia- the "Fob"




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Hello everybody and welcome to my instructable! Today on Nuts for Knots: Paracord Paraphernalia, we will be learning the basic knot and technique to make the fob above!

Step 1: What You Need

You will need:

About 6 feet or so of cordage

Not Pictured:
Willingness to Learn

Step 2: Humble Beginnings

We will now learn how to knot the fob.

Take a length of cord...

Step 3:

Fold in half and tie off the length of the fob

Step 4:

Fold the cord on your right UNDER the core length

Step 5:

Fold the cord on your left UNDER the previous cord, OVER the core length, and THROUGH the loop created by the cord on the right

Step 6:

5) Pull tight. Note that one cord (the one now on the left) is coming out the top of the fob and the now-right one is coming out below. this is important.

Step 7:

6) Fold the one on top (left) under the core

Step 8:

Fold the one below (right) under the cord from the left, over the core, and through the left cord.

Step 9:

Pull tight. Now note that the one on top is on the right, and the below on the left.

Step 10:

Now attach the loop to the carabiner and that to a solid object begin alternating what we just did over and over until...

Step 11: Almost Done!

You should have something like this.

Step 12: And Thats It!

Now you have those ugly extra bits sticking out. Cut them off and melt them with the lighter. You see the blue at the base of the flame? Use that. It won't char and turn black.

Congrats! You have completed part one of the Nuts for Knots: Paracord Paraphernalia series!



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    Thats cool!