Nyan Cat- Pet Costume

This is my kitten Artemis wearing this Nyan Cat costume (an internet meme for those unfamiliar)! The idea came from just wanting to have her resemble a famous internet cat, and it just so happened she is gray like Nyan Cat. I used a cardboard box ($0.00) that was big enough for her to sit in easily, but not too huge. Then I cut holes for her head and tail to stick out and flipped the box over. Then I just printed a poptart ($0.00) large enough to cover the box. For the rainbow tail, I used the scraps from the rest of the box to cut a slit in the back for the rainbow piece ($0.00) I used colored tape that I had lying around, so it didn't cost me, but if someone were to need the tape, they could easily get it from a craft store or someplace like Target or Walmart ($2.00-$4.00 per roll). Overall it was a fairly simple costume to make, the hard part was getting her to wear it. We had to use lots of treats as a reward for being such a patient kitty :)



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    3 years ago

    Ha! So cute!