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Introduction: Nyan Cat in Real Life

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Hi everybody,
here a very easy Instructable just to bring a lovely Nyan Cat with it's Rainbow in real life with fuse beads!

This is the reason why I'll enter the "Rainbow" contest; and I'll enter the "Beyond the Comfort Zone" contest because fuse beads art is new for me...and I think that it could be a funny game companion for kids, so I enter also "DIY Summer Camp Challenge"! :-)

I hope you'll like it, vote me if you want!

Step 1: In the Beginning It Was Beads...

First of all, we need one of those things to bring our kitty to a happy life:

  • your love to give it every day;
  • someone to give it away, that will take care of him;

I'll give it to someone special! :-)

In the beginning, it was a pile of little beads: i choose the little ones (2,6mm diameter), but there are also other types bigger, you can find it online searching for "hama beads, perler beads, fuse beads" and the diameter size that you like!

So, this is all we need:

  • beads (and, to be precise, this amout per color):
    • 72 red;
    • 72 orange;
    • 63 yellow;
    • 57 green;
    • 68 blue;
    • 68 violet;
    • 114 gray;
    • 2 white;
    • 56 light pink;
    • 147 pink;
    • 10 fuchsia;
    • 155 black;
  • a nipper to take the beads;
  • a pegboard, the place to put the beads on to make the figure:
    there are lots about differents sizes, choose the ones you prefere;
    here we need at least a 50x20 beads size, the dimension depends on the dimension of your beads;
  • iron to fuse the beads at the end;
  • baking paper to put between beads and iron to prevent them from sticking to each other
  • at least one hour of spare time;
  • a bit of patience!

Step 2: Let's Birth Our Kitty!

You can google for "nyan cat pixel" and follow the scheme found, or copy from mine in photo; I have proceeded in the order that you can see in the photo, you can put the beads on the pegboard with every order you prefer...our kitty will not be offended! :-)

Step 3: Our Kitten Melts!

Use iron to melt beads and fuse together: when the iron gets hot, you can put it on our kitty covered by baking paper, and wait 10 seconds more or less (if you have little beads, more if you've got bigger ones...), just be sure to have in front of you something like in the picture.

Wait at least 30 seconds before removing the kitten from the pegboard, when the beads are hot it's easier to make damages and make our little friends in pieces!

To be sure that our friend will not lose any beads while gambol, you can fuse beads on both side, turning the kitten and ironing the beads again for a second time.
Remember to put the baking paper between iron and beads or...it will be a disaster!

...And that's all, here we have our lovely Nyan Cat with us in real life: it could be happy to be used as a keyring (maybe a little big...), or as bookmark, or even as companion during your days, whether you are on holydays, studying or working... it's very polite, it doesn't disturb you at all! :-)

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3 years ago

Awsome! I love it! When I made it, I shrunk it to fit on my board. It still turned out awsome!


Reply 3 years ago

Perfect! :-)


4 years ago

So cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)


Reply 4 years ago

Thank you! :-)