Nylon Snap Rivet Stylus for 3DS and Other Such Devices



I just wanted to share this easy hack using nylon snap rivets, I had a bunch left over from a computer case setup, and a common pen to make you're own stylus.

By removing the ink components and utilizing the rest of the pen, you get a nice solid handle for your homemade stylus. Using the insert piece of the snap rivet as the contact point and the end piece as filler when needed, I created these two stylus pens with very little work, just a bit of trimming actually.  You can add  some material behind the inserts if you're worried about the it pressing back inside the pen with use if you so desire.  (Although mine have worked perfectly and haven't budged from where I set them.)

If there is a demand for it I'll make a step-by-step guide if needed, but with very little fiddling you can get these to fit almost any style of pen.  If you make something really neat please post the the pics in the comments!  Its fun to share.  :)



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