O-Ring Flashlight Mount From a Reflector




Introduction: O-Ring Flashlight Mount From a Reflector

If you ride a bike, and you have a flashlight, you already have almost all the parts you need for this instructable. Likelier than not, you've removed a useless front reflector or two and just thrown it in a drawer somewhere. Well, go find it! Then, go to the hardware store and get some various sizes of O-Rings, because you're about to make a cheap, versatile handlebar mount. 

All that's needed for this is a hacksaw and a triangular file. Just hacksaw some notches in the reflector, file them smooth, and snap an O-Ring around your flashlight of choice. Okay, I know this is the third flashlight mount instructable I've posted today. I'm just having one of those prolific days, I guess. I think this one is the most practical and do-able so far, since all you have to do is turn the reflector sideways and cut some notches. You probably don't even need a hacksaw. A nail file will probably do the trick. 

One could imagine a scheme where you affix a reflector mount on opposite sides of the handlebars, install a bar between them, and mount a whole line of flashlights of different sizes, shapes, and beam patterns to your heart's content! Maybe I'll post that Instructable tomorrow. 

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    instead of o-rings you could very easily cut some ranger bands out of old inner tubes. We all have plenty of those.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    Good thinking! Of course, I started putting those anti puncture strips in my tires and since then I've actually kind of had a frustrating shortage of old inner tubes. I haven't had an old tube to hack apart in years.