OCD Friendly Cardboard Box Hack

Introduction: OCD Friendly Cardboard Box Hack

About: My favorite kind of tinkering is when I can combine something that I love (maybe because of it's form or function) with something "techy" (involving some interesting science principles)

Occasionally, I exhibit some Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) tendencies.

As part of this... I like to save nice boxes.

They're very handy for organizing all of my precious other collections like:

  • Scavenged LEDs and swithces
  • Wall warts
  • Old telephone cords (you never know... I might want to show the grandkids someday?)
  • Lightsaber crystals (sorted by color... of course)

The only problem with these assorted boxes... is that, no matter how you stack them, their colors are still assorted (YUCK).

Nobody wants shelves full of boxes with photos and labels that don't match the contents... am I right?

So this instructable describes how I cope.

Short Version: I turn the boxes inside out... so the plain cardboard inside shows... and I sleep easy.

Step 1: Tools

  • A collection of assorted (nice) boxes
  • Your fingers
  • Something to pry with - like a flat-head screwdriver (optional)
  • Blue painter's tape and a white paint pen (optional... but you're gonna want this)

Step 2: Unfold the Box

Start with ANY single empty box:

  1. begin opening flaps and don't stop until it's flat

Step 3: Flip It Over and Refold

Now fold it back together... BUT inside out.

Step 4: Stand Back and Breathe a Sigh of Relief

Isn't that MUCH better?

A blank canvas for you to label however you like.

Step 5: Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Now, you can keep doing this... to ALL the boxes on your shelves... house... attic (maybe the neighbors will let you do theirs too?)

Don't forget the not-so-optional blue painter's tape and white paint pen labels... it really makes things look uniform.

Your shelves will look GREAT!


Now... if only there were some way to make all of these boxes the same shape and size.

Oh NO.... try not to think about it... try not think about it... try not to think about it



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    7 Discussions

    Nice use (re-use) of a good box. You could also use Frog brand tape. It's green, for a change of pace or to separate various types of stowage. "Eye of newt" on blue tape; Rolls of flight line on the green.....

    1 reply

    Thanks for the suggestion about Frog brand (green) painter's tape. I love it!! I always want good excuse to buy some of that cool green tape. I'm not sure why they sell colorful duct tape... and not colorful masking tape?

    Muy buena idea
    No se me había ocurrido :-)

    Automatic translation
    Very good idea
    I had not thought :-)

    (oops....forgot to say) The blue painters tape really unifies the various sizes, so don't worry about that. They look GREAT!

    This is nothing if not charming! But its also exactly the way I would like to arrange my store-ables, too! (BTW, I'm a tissue box junkie). LOL. Carry on; your fans are right behind you!

    As a person with mild attention deffici....t........ what was I saying? They look great but I'd get 3/4 of the boxes flat and then get side tracked and start doing something else. Thanks for a short and sweet hack!