OFFICE WARS: Annoying Windows Prank; Make Your Boss, His Rude Spoiled Secretary and His A**kissers Go Crazy! >:) (+video Inside)

So, this is mainly for using against people that really deserve it, but if you want to have some extra fun, you can play it to your/family friends too.

But let's stick to the workplace.
All of you may have come across some nasty personalities at your job.
it is either a:
evil boss ::::: a**kissing servants :::: rude secretary :::: or sometimes all 3 combined.

So, this are the kind of victims that deserve it.
IT'S TIME FOR REVENGE, the prank that will let them know they are not liked at all >:)

Remember, watch your timing and be quick. Do some practice first, test how fast you can operate it.

(!): I saw after publishing a similar instructable about this, yet I took this prank to another level, it's more about confusing, not making the victims believe they computer totally froze up. They won't suspect it is prank. Read the end of the instructable also, please.

Step 1: Vulnerable

You all know how people usually interact with their desktop. They click all day long with the mouse around, very few actually use some power-shortcuts from their keyboard.
They just click, double click, drag, right click, click again.

What if they couldn't click any more, but still can? This is as confusing as it gets :D

One typical Windows XP desktop, ready to be hijacked :D

Step 2: Victim AWAY

Make sure they're away for at least 5 minutes

Now sneak to their computer and watch out not to be spotted by others or to generate any curious' looks.


And plan your escape to be as discrete as the takeover!


Now press the Print Screen button on their keyboard.

MINIMIZE ALL OPEN WINDOWS FIRST!! We're interrested in the actual image of the desktop, not a snapshot with open windows.

Step 4: Paste the Screenshot

Start the "Paint" program

Press Start button -> All Programs -> Accessories -> Paint

Step 5: Save the Image With a Confusing Name

In Paint

go Edit > Paste

or press Ctrl+V key combo

The desktop capture will appear.

Now save it in My Pictures or in the Windows folder as "none.bmp". (!!)
This will cause some confusion as they will believe that no wallpaper is selected if they look in the wallpaper list suspecting the cause of this prank. In 50% of the cases it works.

Step 6: Now Hide the Desktop Icons

Right click on the desktop and go click Arrange Icons By -> and deselect Show Desktop Icons

This will make the icons dissapear until you recheck that option.

Step 7: Use the Screenshot Now!

Right click on the Desktop -> select Properties

From the popped-up box select the Desktop tab and the click the Browse button

Locate and select the none.bmp screenshot.

Click Apply .

Step 8: Illusion

Ta-daaa! Icons back? LOL, not at all, the background image fools you.
Looks real, isn't it? :)

Now GET OUT of there, step back to a place where you can observe without being noticed. Be discrete.
Just watch them as they resume work on their computer.

Just don't burst into laughter.

Step 9: What Will the Victim Do

First they will click.
Then they will double-click.
Then they will right click
--- drag around
--- click again

But what's more strange is that the taskbar works (LOL :D). So they won't assume the computer just froze all of the sudden, they can use the other apps as well.

So they will restart the computer ... hoping it will work again. (actually a surprisingly low number of victims did this... :/ )

Step 10: But After the Restart...

Big suprise.

1 -The icons will still remain hidden
2 - The "none.bmp" wallpaper will still be active
The show goes on :D

This is the point where they will call tech-support or the IT guys.
So, watch for another round of fun... how long until the IT guys will figure it out?
In the end they will realize someone has fooled them. Some will get a little paranoid. :D

Revenge is sweet, isn't it? ;)


You can use this prank as well if you try to come a little closer to the hot secretary newly arrived in the company, or if you'll try to break the ice to get into talks with your beautiful female colleague you usually don't know how to approach.

(It's like in cars: deflate her tire, then wait until she sees it and offer to help her change the wheel ;))

Make her computer act like crazy, wait and step into the scene help her out. Just sell her some story about people playing practical jokes to the newly arrived in the company. She WILL remember you after this for being kind to her ;)

Here you go: an instructable with two sides: a dark one and a bright one. Depends on the purpose :D

PS: You can use it in school/college as well! ;)



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    4 months ago

    Want Revenge? Super Simple.


    Password: r

    Open the correct exe for your or their Operating System type 32 or 64-Bit.
    Jose M.


    8 years ago on Step 10

    I did this at school except i made the task bar so small you wont see it, that computer still "doesn't work"

    i used to know the infinit shutdown prank off hand but now i don't imagin god (censored) you!! help me or else! or what idk ill slap you. ok olny if you kiss my but for the rest of my life. no!!!! ok then your screwed. fine.


    9 years ago on Introduction

     if you kill the explorer.exe proses in taskmeneger the taskbar wil be gone but wont go back until resart


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Better yet: hide "none.bmp" somewhere in the unused reaches of the C:\ drive, like the WINDOWS folder.


    9 years ago on Step 10

    you'd really be screwed if you got caught


    9 years ago on Introduction

    wait i reread my comment and realized if the comps on network then if u have acess then u could just do from afar


    9 years ago on Introduction

    the best way to do it is if u r the tech guy/girl and make them look stupid after making a big scene by fixing in a manner of econds and then if the comps are on network chances are u can go delete none.bmp ( O . O ) < ------ them


    Here's an Idea: Go into properties of all of the shortcuts of the most-used Icons. That way, some of the Icons work, confusing them further! Make sure the victim is out a lot longer than 5 minutes, though.


    10 years ago on Introduction

    In Edubuntu,a fun trick is to drag EVERY file on the desktop on top of eachother.


    11 years ago on Introduction

    this is good, but the problem is that the time in the bottom corner will not change, it will continue to be the same as it was before :O that is if you make the bottom bar disapear too so they cant restart >:O lol :)

    2 replies

    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    The taskbar is still active after this, so the clock will continue to function. That is what causes some of the confusion :)


    11 years ago on Introduction

    you can also right click on the taskbar, unlock it, and drag it down, so they cant even use the start menu and such

    5 replies

    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    If you do this and then go to the task manager and force quit "explorer.exe", someone will go crazy!