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Introduction: OKAIRU - a Transparent Coins File

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This instructables show you how to use an A4 plastic file to fold a Coins File.

No sew, no glue, it only need one plastic file to fold a coins bag.

OKAIRU is come from the Japanese words OKaNe (お金, money) and FaIRu (ファイル, file). Combined 2 words to become OKAIRU (OKaIRu), it means file of money.

OKAIRU have many variations, this version can store coins and stamps.

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Step 1: Preparation

You need to print a A3 template. If you do not have A3 printer, you can print it in 2 A4 and then combine it.

The template can use many times, even you want to make tens of OKAIRU, you only need to print it once.

Then you need the main material, A$ plastic file.

Step 2: Cut the A4 File and Align to Template

split the A4 file at the bottom and unfold it, so you can get a plastic plate a little bit larger than A3 size. Align the folding mark to a template line and ensure the plastic plate fully covered the template.

Step 3: ​Clone the Template to the Plastic Plate

It have many method to clone the template to the plastic plate. I am using a 0.4mm ball pen that already use up the ink long time ago. This method do not remain any color to the transparent plate but require more attention to see what you have marked.

After marking the plate follow the template black to cut it out.

Template blue lines is the folding mark.

Step 4: Folding

Step 5: Happy Filing!

OKAIRU not only can file coins and stamps. I also file small screws, small stickers, SIM cards, foreign coins and tickets received in travel time, ... whatever you wants.

OKAIRU also have many other versions, I will share how to make it in the future.

If you can't wait, you can see some picture in OKAIRU Facebook page:


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    3 years ago

    Looks very practical I'm gona give it a try